Pain Management Low Back Pain

Pain Management Back Pain

Over the years I have been presented with thousands of cases of back pain. I have found that in most cases it is possible to reduce the pain considerably to an acceptable level, even if it isn’t possible to make it disappear entirely. 

 These are my suggestions :-

 If pain has not resolved after 7 days seek a competent practitioner who is a Registered Osteopath. I have to admit I am biased because I am myself a Registered Osteopath and Acupuncturist. 

Consulting a Doctor

 Many people first of all consult their GP and this seems an obvious and sensible step. Unfortunately GPs are not experts with regard to backs and will most probably offer pain killers. NSAIDs or more recently Co-codamol seems to be the favourite painkillers along with a possible referral to physiotherapy. The GP visit may help to reassure you that serious disease is not the cause. However, this is going to take time, whereas getting the appropriate treatment as quickly as possible is going to save time and further problems.


 It is becoming more and more obvious that drug therapy is not the answer to most back problems.  For the quick fix, yes it can help.  Certainly in the acute stages of backpain/sciatica it is possibly essential, but to rely on anti-inflammatory drugs in the long term is definitely a bad idea.


 Osteo-arthritis can cause back pain…u-have-to-suffer ‎

Your Doctor would no doubt prescribe NSAIDs (NON-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drug) Long term use of NSAIDs can cause irritation of the stomach and intestines . Inflammation of the intestines can lead to unsuitable material entering the blood stream.  This can lead to reaction and in some cases lead to more irritation in the joints. A vicious Cycle!   REF


 Osteopathic Diagnosis would establish the immediate cause and the underlying causes. In many cases some gentle manipulation, articulation and soft tissue massage will afford relief and then the underlying problems can be addressed so the pain doesn’t return. Why I suggest the Acupuncture is because often the situation doesn’t allow for manipulation.  Either the pain is too severe or the sufferer is too frail and in that case strategically placed needles can give relief, which is why I often administer the two together.

 Of course you have to be selective because no two practitioners work in the same way so it is a good idea to get a referral.

 Immediate Cause and Underlying causes

For example:- an immediate cause could be lifting something heavy or awkward where the underlying cause could be poor muscle tone because of deficiencies or faulty nutrition. Not only do we want to be rid of the symptoms (pain), but we want to be able to identify the factors that could cause a recurrence.

Taking pain killers is likened to seeing a red warning light on the dashboard and sticking a tape over it. That may solve the annoyance of the warning light, but could result in a blown engine!

 Remember the old saying “ A stitch in time saves nine”? This is very apt when considering back pain. A simple correction at the early stages of a problem will save you years of agony later. Check out your local practitioners.

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