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In my daily practice I see many postural problems, either as a result of back pain or as a cause of it. What comes first? Is it the” chicken and the egg”conundrum? Unsurprisingly this is a complex subject. However, we can apply some common sense and, by understanding in a general way how the lumbar curve functions, we can maintain it in its optimum state for pain free activity and general ease and comfort.

The Lumbar Spine Dynamics.

When we consider the lumbar spine, it is not immediately obvious why the spine is the shape that it is. In fact many people who have low back pain think that perhaps we have a design defect here. We have the same shape of spine as animals that mostly keep a horizontal position. They, like us, have strong ligaments in the lower aspect of the spine, which in our case, as we are on two legs, is the front of the spine. This means that when our posture is correct and we have a forward curving lumbar spine, then the weight of the body is directed to the front where the ligaments are strong. However, if our lumbar spine is either too straight or curving the other way, then the weight of the body is directed to the back where the ligaments are less designed to weight bear and that’s when we can start to develop painful symptoms.

How does the LumbaCurve help?

The idea is to lie on the floor or other firm surface and gently lift your hips and slide the LumbaCurve into position. There is an accompanying video to guide you. You then stay in position for various amounts of time depending on your level of discomfort and tolerance

Why is this a good idea?

As a manual therapist, my aim is to help the body to find its natural pain free posture. I do this by establishing how the body has become misaligned and by gently helping to restore the correct balance. I think that this device could help in promoting the natural forward curve of the lumbar spine. Normally after spinal manipulation I apply acupuncture needling to the lumbar spine. The LumbaCurve, whilst it doesn’t provide Acupuncture, it does apply pressure to acupressure points in the lumbar area.

About The Product

The LumbaCurve has been developed over 6 years in the UK.By??? They point out that back pain is becoming an increasing problem because of our increasingly sedentary occupations. We do tend to sit about a lot these days. The LumbaCurve has been clinically tested to provide back pain relief and increased mobility. It does this by stretching the lumbar curve so pressure is removed from the nerve roots, which results in less pain.

Clinical Trials

Randomised Control Group Trials suggest that use of the LumbaCurve gave better results than standard NHS treatment Guide Lines

My Verdict

I am very impressed by the quality of this product and recommend it when I consider it relevant. Many of my patients are quite elderly, so this is probably not for them, but for the reasonably agile to very supple this is a great aid to relieving problems in the low back, especially in conjunction with expert treatment.

The Price

At £53.95 it is not cheap but reasonable considering the professional expertise that has gone into the project

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