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Acupuncture for Lower Back Pain.

Some notes on the use of Acupuncture for Lower Back Pain

I tend to oscillate between what I understand about Chinese Medicine and what I have learned from my studies in anatomy and physiology. So it is therefore a combination of Eastern and Western disciplines.

Traditionally low back pain could be linked to Cold/Damp (Osteoarthritis), Empty Kidney energy,( see below*) or trauma

*Empty Kidney Energy The Bladder Channel runs along the lumbar spine bilaterally, and the control points for the Kidney are among these Bladder points. According to traditional thought our Kidney energy is affected by our disharmony with the way of nature. It cannot be replaced but we can ensure that it does not dissipate too quickly by faulty life-style. Traditionally the low back is related to Kidney energy. This is not the same as the kidneys in western medicine.

Does it hurt?

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Low Back Pain Causes

 Low Back Pain Causes

Let us consider some of the causes of low back pain:

Degeneration of the lumbar spine.

The most common form of degeneration is osteoarthritis.

While there are other forms of arthritis it is osteoarthritis that’s most often encountered.

You will hear this condition referred to as “wear and tear” and the sufferer is often shocked to hear that this is actually osteoarthritis. Continue reading Low Back Pain Causes


Sketch Low Back Pain
Low Back Pain


I’m going to presume in this case that we are dealing with pain in the lumbar area, which often manifests more on one side than the other, or may switch from side to side or can be felt diffusely all across the low back and into the buttock and hip area.

Take Care

If you have suddenly become aware of numbness between the legs (The saddle area} or a dramatic change in bowel movement or bladder function. You should seek urgent medical attention.

Also I am presuming that serious pathology has been ruled out such as cancer or osteoporosis etc. and that you are in reasonably good health otherwise.

Swelling and Inflammation

The underlying cause will be inflammation and swelling of the soft tissues in the area. It will be a matter of degree from slight swelling and nerve root irritation up to herniation of the vertebral disc’

What is going on?.