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My Name is Trevor Reeves I have been working here in the U.K. for the last 30 years.

I graduated as an Osteopath in 1983 following that with a post-graduate course in Acupuncture in 1986. I have been successfully treating Low Back Pain amongst many other complaints since then.

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My intention with this website is to spread my knowledge to as wide an audience as possible. Whilst my practice entails one to one attention, I often follow up treatments with advice on what to at home to alleviate pain, and what to do to prevent recurrence. It is my experience that many of these strategies can be very beneficial. So in the following blogs I will be mentioning these as well as reports on successful outcomes of treatments

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Many people do not understand why they are in pain and I have found that understanding the problem goes a long way in being able to deal with and overcome it. So again I will be posting some relevant information to help in this respect.


I am here to answer your questions so feel free to contact me below.


I am still in practice at the addresses below if you are able to attend for a consultation.


304 Kennington Road London UK SE11 4LD

9 North Road West Wickham Kent  BR4 0JS

tel 02077937775




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